Resort and Hotels Safety Systems

Hotels & Resorts

Services, Maintenance, Safety.

The importance of using a single system for managing staff and guests is fundamental. 

Operators can receive information for them individually. Maintenance technicians can receive all the interventions to be carried out on pagers, dect, wi-fi systems, tablets and smartphones. Using our simple buttons (UHF, wi-fi, dect) you can activate a bar request, which is directly sent to the correct person.

The cleaning service can carry out control operations (rooms, lights, faults) directly from a phone in vocal mode, with a tablet and smartphone, or using Dect KIRK phones with message support and icons.
Porters, engineers, workers and safety staff can carry out the majority of their tasks and services in full mobility, whether they are in corridors or rooms.

Staff has to be mobile, and use communication devices such as smartphones, pagers, cell phones and others in order to satisfy guests who make requests at any time and in any place (as we all know they do!).
Thanks to integration with our “Safety” module, all those functions can be added, and personal alarms, aggression, panic, man down and/or requests for help managed. In addition, each device (GSM, WIFI, DECT) connected to your PBX becomes a safety instrument. Discover how to add the “Amber Alert” functions to your existing infrastructure.

Photos, audio, messages can also be shared on WI-FI phones. Naturally, our new “Talkative” and “EventGate” modules are fully supported even by hospitals. Discover how these two modules can offer a unique experience on our Web site.