Integrated Systems for Safety of Workers


Minimizing downtime and creating better efficiency in the industrial and production environments.

In these fields fast communication is obligatory; just think that in some processes, not receiving a communication can result in extremely high costs and, as a result, production delays. Each problem, event, message must be coordinated quickly in order to allow the correct person to intervene in as short a time as possible. Many communication systems on today’s market offer monitoring systems, delegating the job of managing and activating emergency procedures to control room staff. Precious human resources are limited to a control room, and become less productive as a result.

FOPsix connects traditional systems, but also your current monitoring systems, offering a single solution. It sends messages to, calls and interacts both ways with all systems. It was designed to offer a solution that can send messages, notify events in real time to relative staff and/or emergency teams. All the events can be graded by priority, type, allowing even automatic management of conference calls between the various operators (even if the conference is not present on your PBX). In addition you can make videos, take photos and send them, together with messages, directly to the control room easily and simply. It is also possible to share photos, audio and text messages on WI-FI phones. Naturally, our new modules, “Talkative” and “EventGate”, are fully supported by industry. Discover how they can offer you a unique experience on our Web site.

Thanks to integration with our “Safety” module, all those functions and the management of personal alarms, aggression, panic, man down and/or requests for help can also be added. Each device (GSM, WIFI, DECT) connected to your PBX becomes a safety instrument. Discover how to add the “AmberAlert” functions to your existing infrastructure.


  • Talkative

    FOPsix module to receive all the information on tablet/smartphone

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    Flex Open Platform communicates with the whole infrastructure and/or the mesh network that exists and/or has been implemented

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    An unchallenged leader for twenty years in the Application sensor market with Turck Banner

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  • DECT Telemetric Interface

    Used in connection with external components connected to the inputs and/or outputs.

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  • Telco

    Telco is a module that manages all the key processes such as feedback and responsiveness

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  • Hospital Safety

    Each type of alarm can perform different actions.

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  • Positioning

    Support for internal and external areas

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  • HUB

    Clients must being creative with their products and investments.

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  • PBX/PABX integration

    Gives the possibility of managing how your alarm / event / message is sent to phones

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  • Polycom Kirk

    Polycom KIRK offer a series of sensors and of functions which optimize communication between nursing staff and patients...

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